Sports Equipment

Import, supply and distribution of sport equipment and accessories

Our management team haven been working with I.R.I Sports Federation for the Disabled, I.R.I National Paralympic and International Sports Organization since 1996 in various sports related activities. We have gained comprehensive knowledge on the important relationship between the performance of elite athletes and their sports equipment. The right equipment not only enhances the performance of the athlete but also provides confidence, reduces tension and stress during highest level of competitions. We have learned from experienced coaches that decision making in vital moments is more efficient when they know their athletes are using the best quality equipment.

We import and supply sports equipment directly from leading sport equipment manufacturers or well-known suppliers as demanded by our customers that are national sports organization such as I.R.I SFD, NPC, NOC and other sports associations. When it comes to supply for national sports team participation in international sport events, we have chosen sports equipment manufacturers who are certified by relevant International Sports Organizations or Federations.

دانش و آگاهی بدست آمده در طی سالها همکاری نزدیک تیم مدیریت این شرکت با فدراسیون ورزشهای جانبازان و معلولین، کمیته پارالمپیک و فدراسیون های بین المللی، ارتباط و تاثیر عملکرد ورزشکاران را با استفاده از تجهیزات ورزشی با کیفیت عالی محرز نموده است.