About Us

 About US

Negin Tak Sanat Gheshm (NTSG) was established in 2013 as a technical trading company to assist clients to source and procure their requirements both domestically and overseas. International trade and sourcing can be extremely complicated; we have developed strategic alliances with our partners worldwide to help you source the right product at the right price or to help you enter the very sophisticated Iranian market through our local networks within various industries.

Our business and service:

  • For our local customers; sourcing, purchasing, shipping and delivering all types of industrial goods for manufacturing and construction companies, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants, medical facilities etc.
  • For our overseas customers; sourcing, marketing, finding governmental or private customers or partners, assisting with joint venture projects and acting as their agents or representatives.

Our mission:

To be our customers’ supplier and partner of choice and to be recognized for providing best quality products, outstanding customer service and most of all exceptional business partners as we care for their business same as it’s our own business.